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doo-hickey nonsense
2001-11-03 13:24:03 (UTC) what?!/Solution(s):

Well, it's sad to say, but I've thrown out the window any
care whatsoever to just about all new developements in this
whole "attack on the U.S." extravaganza. First off, it's not
like anti-U.S./domination/capitalism, etc.-groups have just
recently poked their heads out of their holes. Most of them
aren't even in holes, and a lot of them are U.S. citizens to
top all that off. I guess the line to cross was a lot
further than most expected, until the press, government, and
"loyal Americans" made a stink.

The reason for bringing this up, is that just about
everyday, whether it be my flipping through the channels,
catching headlines on the front page, or via hearsay, I'm
hearing a new warning/speculation on when/where/how, etc.,
that the next act of terror will occur. Right about now,
many people I know are wishing they had a bombshelter/bunker
to hibernate in until "it all blows over", but still, that
hasn't changed their approach, to ANYTHING. From my
perspective, of a thorough people-watcher/analyzer and what
not, I'm just straight up ashamed to be a human being right
now. Although I haven't been close to any Anti-War &
violence rallies, I doubt that observation would alter my
newfound opinion of mankind.

To think, it ALL stems from beliefs, which in my opinion
haven't been proved on any front, of what is right and what
is wrong, and how we got here, and who to worship and honor
for that. FUCK IT!!! Fuck it all! People have to deal with
the time they're on this planet, and not believe they're
some friggin' martyrs, or messengers, or a reincarnation,
and so on, and so on. Despite my disbelief in organized
religion period, I still think it can exist, but some MAJOR
changes have to be made in order for religions to co-exist.
Since those changes are pretty much on the level of
miracles, maybe armageddon is the only thing to solve
everything, so the "power(s) that be" can start from
scratch, and "de-program" certain human aspects (intended to
be vastly sarcastic and in the manner of reverse-

ALL humans can co-exist in a much more peaceful form if
they are able to pull off ONE thing, just one, and that is,
to, metaphorically speaking, open up their third eye. By
this I mean, for everyone to just realize that NO ONE has
the answer. THE ANSWER is what I'm referring to. If you look
at the many, many sources now, how can you decipher which is
the closest to it? They're all based on writings, being
passed along through the generations, and just like writings
of any kind, they are altered with every rendition. It's
like the childhood game "telephone", where you're in a
circle, someone whispers something into the next person's
ear, only stating it once, and that person must relay it to
the next person, and so on, until it gets back to the person
who initiated the chain reaction. The fun in this game is to
find out how far away from the original statement it can
get. You see, all writings & stories go through similar
hoops (minus the part about coming back to the beginning),
to where the current version is far, far different than the
very first one. Now, what I've just taken many lines to
explain is common-knowledge, but it's not common-knowledge
that people refer to often enough in that notebook of theirs
in their head before swallowing what is being fed to them,
whether it be from a preacher/priest/pastor/minister/tele-
vangelist/politician/authority figure/idol/teacher/parent,
etc., etc., etc., or via writings in religious books, text
books, and so forth. Just think, if there's a biography of a
master you previously served, say before his/her death, and
it is your duty to keep his/her beliefs alive and to act as
a way of life for generations to come, are you going to keep
the part when he is convicted of extortion, or when he/she
crucified someone who defied them? No. You're going to
keep the writings alive, minus some "irrelevant parts", that
otherwise might compromise the intended audience's level of
faith in the recorded beliefs. Think about this:

-Would there be as many families as there are now in
poverty, had their religion believed in birth control,
resulting in households that encompassed 10 kids?

-Would Hitler have chosen Jews to be his scapegoats, had
there not been the hate against Judaism triggered by an
overwhelming percent of Christianity sects?

-Would the Crusades ever have happened (goals back then are
still being violently sought after today), had there not
been such an implement put on certain material items?

It's because of the fact that most humans are closed-minded
that they just believe in the majority, as far as political
parties & religions, like a fad back in school. Now-a-days,
kids are more apt to doing things their own way, which is
why I still have faith in mankind, because those are the
ones that'll say, "No, I won't fight in a war where the
chances of me or my peers will die are great, so the country
I live in can get oil much cheaper than it can than if
peace existed between the countries Uncle Sam is receiving it
from, which by my participating is adding fuel to the fire."

It's just plain scary how the most intelligent people ever
to live can, at the same time, have hardly any common sense
or guts, and have flowed into the majority on all levels,
and some even taking some groups by the helm. Only with the
minor things, can the average being be his/her own
individual, like tastes in food, movies, and other social
folders, but when it comes to the fuel that gets them
through everyday, there's no experimentation involved. "My
parents, mentor, peers are Democratic, so I'm democratic."
"I was raised Buddhist, so I will be buried as a Buddhist."
"My parents will disown me if I'm anything but heterosexual,
and I will lose all social acquaintances that I have if I
come out of the closet, and my husband/wife will leave me as
well, so I will forever stay on this side of the tracks." "I
will never find an attractive man to wed if I don't shave my
armpits and legs like every married woman I know, so I will
also continue to do so." I think inventors of hygiene
products are very open-minded people who don't conform, but
just take advantage of the insecurties of the closed-minded,
to better themselves financially. Hmm, I think I've found my
calling (as I'm typing this a very stereotypical movie
villain's laugh echoes in my head).

Now, I believe that every life brought into this world is
intended to be equal to every other life, as opposed to
having exact predetermined roles, such as various forms of
leaders, criminals, servants, mercenaries, and political and
authority figures. It's when religions/cults/political
divisions come in to the picture, to where it points us into
EVERY single one of the previous mentioned roles. Again, this
is all common sense, but not really a common observation. We
are only what our environments allow us to be. More often than
not, we are molded into roles.

As I proofread after every sentence, I think to myself, "I
wonder what might be going through the mind of someone who
is reading this," and I think "wow, they must think I'm a
whacko." I also think to myself, and respond, "No, I'm
someone who trusts his instincts, gut feelings, conscience,
and has common-sense."