2001-11-03 13:06:14 (UTC)

Saturday Will Be Spent Thinking About You.

Today is Saturday. I will spend my time thinking about you. How you have bought a ray of sunshine back in to my life. The thrill of living again.
A glimps of hope because you have made my life so
much bearable to live.

I took a chance on us meeting, and I am glad I did.
The miles between us seem so many, but they are not dear love, only in our mine's eye.

I am glad I have bought a ray of sunshine and happiness into your life again. That your co-workers see a change in you and that you are less grouchy and easier to get along with. I am glad I make you happy and you day dream again.

I am not always easy to get along with. In time you will see this. I will never let you go. I will cast a love spell on you so strong, that you will not
even think of doing so.

I feel when you think about me. I smile secretly
to myself, ah yes, he is thinking about me and smiling about me. I feel it through the cosmos.
Even the 90 miles in distance can not separate
us really. You feel the connection as well.

I will bring you to Chicago and I will meet you in Aurora and we will ride the metra train back. We
will spend the weekend here in the Windy City.
It will be fun. Just you and me in the Windy city.
We will get our pictures taken together.

I walk around in a haze and think about and of you.
You do the same. Is this Love. Ah yes.
Yes, I heard you tell you love me. You are so transparent and crystal clear. You can not hide
what you are feeling just as I can not.

Our destiny's are link.

I will forever hold you. You are mine and there
is no turning back now.

Love, AmericanIrishRose
Karissa Anne