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2001-11-03 10:34:00 (UTC)

im dead.

just when u think everythings gonna be ok. thigs prove

damnit. im in shit now. i truly am.
no one noes abt dis except my aunt. one of em. and i made
her crossed. damnit. if she trip on me and spill to my mom
and dad, dats IT. im toast. i didnt mean to do it on
purpose. i wont doit again, but i guess i was desperate. if
my parents find out im dead. my god. im so scared i cant
i cant even tell gpa abt dis. not even hema or anyone. not
a single soul. im dead. im dead. i thought i could get away
with dis. dey would never trust me ever again. nope. im
toast.i charred. im dead. shit. fuck fuck fuck.