Rach's thoughts
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2001-11-03 10:27:57 (UTC)

Slow and painful Death

Since I last wrote so much has happened. OK so for a start I
forgave T, he didn't need the hassel that I could have given
him. I also met up with Jason yesterday and happily wondered
round hand in hand for an afternoon. He is planing on going
up north on Sunday. He is going to reappear in about a week
to visit again.
Last night I was at work and had the most troublesome people
on the door. I mean if you were going somewhere that you
knew that you had to be signed in to get in, would you turn
up with nothing showing your name at all and then be
supprised that we didn't let you in? Or try showing me two
pieces of ID with two different names on, I mean do I look
Anyhow I'm going to bed.
love and Light