De-Tet-aCh Memoir
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2001-11-03 10:08:17 (UTC)

The Beginning of the End

Sat 03/11/2001

Alright, the end of our stay at Weir House has begun from
this week. Many people have finished their exams and are
now packing to leave for their homes.. I was busy trying to
get contacts from as many people as possible these few
days... Prem is leavin tomoro for Melbourne, then to
Singapore... less kaki... Firu and William are
all leavin within the next few days....

Feelings of loneliness have began to creep in... I'll miss
the time we hanged out at the corridors of the old Weir
House mansion : P All good things have to end I
suppose...but i'm glad I'll see all of em again after
summer...though our experiences here at Weir will be
forever missed...

I have finished 2 papers... 2 more to thur/fri and
then i'll be busy house-huntin and prepping my admin for
the internship...the future will not be so i havta
be even more independent/...Weir housed is still like a
nanny, i never had to worry about food and facilities
here... when i start flattin over summer, it's a whole new
game... a good experieence in life i suppose...

Fears of loneliness too... almoste everyone I know will be
leavin by December... Summer here will be kindof lonely i'm
afraid... but i'm sure lookin forward to the Lord of the
Rings premiere here ! : )

more updates to follow...


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