Monties life
2001-11-03 10:03:38 (UTC)

Just another day in the life of me...

Dear Diary~
There really is alot of dishonesty in this world in
which we live... Tonight, there was this 10 year old
trying to speak proper old english and couldn't... I
couldn't help myself, I had to say something. Then when I
did, he got pissed and properly swore at me. I just have
to laugh. Laughter helps you get through life. It helps
me, I know that.
I have never been one for exercise. It maybe good for
some, but I'd rather do without! Just give me a recliner
and a remote to some cable tv, and I'm all set. T.V. is
highly underestimated. The Brady Bunch is a good source
for quality upbringing... For me anyway... LOL I always
wished that life could be like television. You know, every
problem solved in 30 minutes or less? But eventually I
realised that it's not that simple... The hard times came
and went. There weren't any comercials to break in or very
many happy endings either. The credits never ran.
Sometimes it was hard to get myself out of bed. Just
wanted to lay there and make everything go away. But it
didn't. My parents were soon to divorce and go their
seperate ways. I do know what the hardest time in my life
was, though. It was those three weeks after my dad left.
I would cry myself to sleep every night. I had not heard a
word from him at all. The first call from him was the
hardest... I didn't know what to say. My hands were
shaking so much, I could barely hold the phone to my head.
The second I heard his voice, tears started streaming down
my cheeks and my voice seist to exsist. I had never had
this much hurt held inside before. As he started to speak,
I could hear that he felt the same way. With every word I
knew that he still loved me and it was not my fault. It
took us a while, but we finally saw each other. He took me
to a movie and treated me like a princess for 2 days. It
was always hard saying our goodbyes. He hugged me and held
me tight. I never wanted it to end. He always made me
feel safe. That's a feeling only a daddy can give. He
still does. To this day, I still cry when I leave him.
Heck, just writting this has made me cry. Daddy, I know
that you are out there, I love you.