Realizations of a 24yr old convict
2001-11-03 09:00:01 (UTC)


Strange days as everythings continues well with this life
the small town factory worker I see more and more every day
how they do it the charming side of this life,meet a girl
fall in love marrage,Fucking bowling teams,garages,kids
soccer games these things which frighten me. but yet there
is a charm to it. and the old men in bars speaking on life
and children, service storys, the good old days.
And they speak of regret and I watch and used to dwell in
there regret and see it as all they know.
But know it doesnt plage them its not so much a burden on
there soul as they speak it to be in drunken times.
In mornings and bisness lunches and with old friends they
speak with smiles of there daughters and sons. tell stories
of bisness and small fourtens. new cars and and tools
theyve purchased. some speak on bucks of the season 4 point
five point.other to sway the conversation to the touchdown
there boys scored or the cars there building.
And now when I think apon there deaths I* see smiles and
tomb stones that read a loving father instad of months gone
when I saw that same tomb stone only reading the one word