LiL Georgia Girl
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2001-11-03 08:01:59 (UTC)

For Got Yesterday! It's Was Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well hello again people sorry i haven't wrote in my diary
yesterday i been busy as hell and when i got on here i
talked to Daniel and went to bed., i told him i write in
it today. so here we go...
well i guess you know about what happen the
other night with me and Daniel about us deciding were gonna
end this relationship well that for get it you know i
haven't been in this relationship for no fucking 5 months
to give up now Daniel is my world and with out him there
aint no world so we just decide to meet and me go up there
and see how i like it, if i like it then i will stay and we
well decide on where we will live later in life i am gonna
live with him and his loving parents for a while until we
can save up to get us a place together. Daniel is coming
down to see me Monday at 6am and were gonna drive up this
Wednesday night or early Thursday morning to see how
thing's go with us ... witch I know they will go just right
I been waiting for this day for a long time and I don't
think I want nothing to come between us.... Daniel knows
more about me then anyone in this world will ever know
other then my dear loving cousin Terri! i told Daniel some
thing's i would never told no one before Daniel brought out
the best in me Daniel made the light bright when it was
light and i thank him for that he brings the smile to my
face ever morning when i wake up with a phone call from him
telling me how much he loves me, Daniel made promises to me
that he has keep and I think him so much for that ... so
thank you Daniel and I love you baby thanks for reading and
much love for my sexy man Daniel!!!!!!!