It smells like poop over here
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2001-11-03 06:43:30 (UTC)

I don't really know

Well, today sucked. I went to court for a ticket i got a
while back from running a red light. cost me $105 bucks,
but no points on my record. i went to work after that,
sucked. i had plans with my buddy jared, but he never
called me, so i went out to eat and to the strip club with
my buddy rich. i hate rich, (sarcastically) he's good
looking and really well built. but he's actually one of my
best friends. that's pretty much all i did today. well, i
got tickets for the suicide machines, and i got an old rive
iron frezy cd. im running really low on $$$. i owe $110 to
the guy who fixed my puter, like $200 to my mom for car
insurance. im gonna by 6 tickets to this show in december
with blink 182, 311, jimmy eat world, adema and crystal
method. that's gonna be like another $200 on my credit
card. then i got my cell phone bill. plus i wanna go to see
like 5 other concerts. i need to save my $$$ and quit
spending it on crap. those are my thoughts for the day. ill
let ya know if i come into some more $$$.