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2001-11-03 06:08:57 (UTC)


hey everyone! I want a boy friend if you had not noticed! I
am going to ask out Ernest this week at school. i hope
he says yes!! i have heard from at least 4 different
sources that Ernest does in fact like me!!! i hope he
does that would be soo cool.

and i gotta pray for lexi, a family friend of hers died on
thursday. and danny also asked her out and she said
maybe. but i have no idea what is gonna happen, cuz
he asked her out b4 she found out what happened. so i
she does not anything she will regret later on. she is
still a little shakey so is her mom. i feel sooooo bad.

i hope all is well soon. i want everything to be perfect
this hoilday season. i cant wait until christmas which is
still two months away but who's counting???

i better go! good bye everyone!! Luv ya