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2001-11-03 05:35:29 (UTC)

Major eye candy and dont know what to do

Hello, I have a problem and i need some advice, their is
this boy, Elijah, he teaches my nephews Tae Kwon Do class,
and he is total eye candy when he smiles, i cant stop
thinking about him and every time i do i feel like i am
walking on clouds, i am only 14 so i know that i will feel
this way agian but i want to know him, date him, but i cant
even see him because he got a job and is not teaching brays
class anymore, the nly way i could see him is to join his
class, and i want to Dance not do Tae Kwon Do but i want to
be near him and my mom wants to join, so what should i do,
if i join the class then will i be able to do my best and
learn, i just cant figure it out, please help.

Thank you for listening,