True confessions of the curly headed gir
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2001-11-03 05:02:01 (UTC)

It's amazing, I'm still having guy troubles

Damn Freshman, think they're so hott. Well, some of them
are...for instance Justin McNeal (and yes, I do know his
full name)
I like him, and he might like me. He's sending those oh so
infamis mixed signals. I hate when guys do that, damn
guys, think they are all kinds of cool.
Well Hugo is... :-)
Opps! Did I type that?!?! Hugo who? I don't know who you
are talking about. Um, yea, um, damn. Ok you caught me.
I like Hugo.
But like I said, guys confuse the hell out of me. I always
like the most complicated guys. Gonna have to figure out
how to change that.

It's been weeks later....Justin is a big ass. Hugo well we are
friends but we'd never date.