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2001-11-03 04:54:21 (UTC)

Ahhhh, home from work. My..

Ahhhh, home from work. My week-long sabatical from sleep
has been cornering me all day. I've weasled my way out of
some of my deadlines for today, some intentionally, some by
chance. Normally, I'd be overjoyed, but I realize that
it'll all come back to me on Monday, and I'll be working
all weekend. Another usual Friday at Pizza Hut, yet not as
many times getting "hit" as other Fridays, so I survived.
At school, I heard about this summer program at a
governor's school. I'll try to apply, though I doubt I'll
get accepted. I'm really too tired to b/tch today.
Tomorrow, I'm going to try and get up about 8 or 9, deposit
most of my paycheck at the bank (though on Saturdays, I
seem to be able to get there before they close), and then
go down to Burger King to check on my application. The
head guy was supposed to have returned from vacation today,
so I'm hoping he'll have decided to hire me tomorrow (I
despise having to wait around, whether I like the outcome
or not). I've narrowed down on my topic for the graduation
project at school. The damn state legislature passed down
a law that made it a requirement to do a project of some
sort to graduate. That in its self ain't so bad, I had
some creative ideas that I would have liked to explore, and
people who aren't too good at school would also be able to
have a chance to squeak by. But then our local school
district just up and decided that every student in its
jurisdiction has to do their graduation project as a MLA-
style research paper. WTF! That just ain't right. All
the school board showed me was how much they are pure-
blooded politicians that don't care a wit about the people
they're supposed to serve. I doubt the school board were
thinking much about the remedial and mentally retarded
students in our schools, who, also, has to do college-level
research papers. While those kids will be given a little
slack, they are still required to do a research paper, just
like the rest of us, because the school board has to show
how they "care about education" :P
Those guys are my biggest gripe in my life. Any and all
major actions they've undertaken in the running of our
schools has been rooted in a political ploy of one sort or
another, and it only seems to make us lower-class common
folk more screwed.

uuuugghhhhh.............. I need some sleep...........