Ela's Journal
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2001-11-03 04:36:23 (UTC)

*Sigh* ( the 4-letter story of my life)

Well today started out a normal sucky day and ended a
little better. untill i realized there was no chance the
guy i "love" ( as my close friends put it) will ever think
of me as more then a friend.*sigh*! You would think after a
year i would get over him and i have tried. I have dated
other guys but it alwayz ends b/c all i can think of
is "H.A.H.". Oh well maybe he'll come around. Or I'll just
die alone. NOT. Hmmmm i wounder what happens if i swear in
this thing . let's see how's that song go agian " Shit,
Piss, Fuck, Cunt, Cocksucker, Motherfucker, Tits, Fart
Turd, And Twat." i love that song. It's by Blink-182.
Well ain't this fun. God just thinking of "HAH" makes me
want to walk to 30min. drive over to his house just to be
with him. *sigh*! I wish someone could explain love to me
cuz this is a bunch of bull shit. I hate being a gurl no
guy ever has this bad of problems . girls out # guys and
more girls look at guys minds and not bodys so a guy has a
better chance of someone likeing them then girls do of a
guy likeing them. oh well it will always be this way won't
I wish Cooter would stay the fuck away from "GWAM" if I
am friends with him she should be happy and stop calling
him ugly. ugh she is getting on my nerves. Got to go
-Luv Ya-

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