Book of Tears
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2001-11-03 04:13:14 (UTC)


How does one describe anger?

Maybe as a dragon.
A uncontrabble beast that has awaken
Has a awaken to feast.
The slighestest thing can make this demon
go off, Into a fiery rage.
Crushing and Crumbling all that defy him.
But like in all fairy tales
the dragon is slayed and put to rest.

Or maybe has a locomotive.
A tower object of metal
hurtiling its self into one direction.
Destroying everything that gets in its way.
But if its path is interrupted to much
the train will be derailed
and destroy itself.

You see you can use hundreds of analogies.
To try and describe anger
But at the end.
The beast is always slayed.
And the train is always destroyed.

And the rage supsides
And life with it.