The Chronicles of My Life
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2001-11-03 03:44:38 (UTC)

I haven t written in a long..

I haven't written in a long time, but i didn't really have
anything to write about anyways. WHat a great day. All my
finals were easy. No more SPanish for 2 more quarters
now!! Thank the Lord. That class can really wreck your
day. There were a lot of people here today. Ike had his
birthday party, so there was an un-godly amount of little
kids her. Andy Jake and Emilie came over and we watched
trl . Then SUlly and Matt showed up. Then Cali was gonna
come over and we were going to have a big soccer game but
by the time she got here Jake had to leave to take his dog
to the vet and matt and sully went who knows where. So we
ended up playing ffosball for half an hour. Andy and I
totally wasted Cali and EMily. Then the lttle kids
invaded. Wow. I didnb't know Cali could be so rough. We
had to restrain her from beating the junk out of Josh. SO
we went outside and sat around talking on the patio. I
think Andy and i finally figured out what girls talk about
for so long between classes. They started talking about
some softball player form UNC who wore a pony-tail when she
was playign catcher. How do girls get caught up in the most
boring things? Who knows. The WIld are beating