Book of Tears
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2001-11-03 03:34:26 (UTC)

The Death Of A Sun

The radiant gentle warmth
eminates from the sun
It slowly creeps down
To meet its slow demise.

The sky begins to darken.
And little angels began to apper
Thousands upon thousands are born
from the death of this sun

Slowly and shurly eyes begin to drop
And the world lays down to rest.
While the light and the warmth are forgetten.
Little boys and little girls rest easy
not knowing that there sleep is costly

The sun setting is always a beutiful sight
People gather to witness the array of colors
hoping to find happiness or romance.
But beauty is the end, for this sun.

But in the same reality beauty
is the beggining. For when the sun rises
A new life is spawned.
And it lives out its purpose
But as soon as you are born you begin to die
So another sun lives out its life span.

Faithful, devoted, and always on time.