Realizations of a 24yr old convict
2001-03-18 03:56:11 (UTC)

Much respect to all who read. ..

Much respect to all who read.
please read entry#1

Its not the meaning of life,its the feeling of it.
I watched down to you today{hopefully Ill speak on the
hopless romantic trip later}in that flic dude says that and
thats a pretty deep expression.you have no clue the amount
of times ive heard "the jorney from the head to the heart
is the longest jorney man faces"but that trivial saying
speaks so much.to me its about all the questions i had and
how i was consumed to the point of seeing and feeling
nothing.facts not feelings was my trip,now though i see it
is about the feelings thats the whole life trip is seeing
feeling being part of all this who knows where it really
starts and ends.

written march 13in a letter to girly
oh babygirl this life is so sweet heaven hell is there a god an
afterlife who cares this place is so hot.when i have blondies tan
legs to gaze apon, the taste of Dr.pepper, fucking garden salads,
calvin kline
why,why i ask you would i miss any of this to spend even a moment to
contemplate those questions.

stay positive