My problems.
2001-11-03 03:32:51 (UTC)

Another Sign. A Freaky One.

Today was a freaking weird ass day. Got to school as
usual did all my usual stuff, go upstairs talk to peeps
but today I had a HORRIBLE headache. I just couldn't
think it hurt so bad. So after I hung out with my friends
upstairs I went down to study hall where I then left to
goto the nurses office.

This part gets freaky. I went in there and laid down
because I wanted my headache to go away. A few
moments after I had layed down this handicapped girl
comes in saying something like she had an accident in
her pants. It's not supposed to be funny, but it was just
not a good time. So unfortunetly I never fell asleep.

So I'm just sitin there listening to what the nurse and
this girl is saying. The nurse helps her get her pants off
and helps whip her. So then this girl had no cloths so
she had to go sit in the corner without any pants or stuff

Then STEPHANIE walked in because her eye hurt. She
didn't know I was there, but I could hear her. So after a
little while this girls mom finally comes with her cloths.
She had a tough time putting her underwear on and her
pants on, but its understandable.

So then I went and talked to Stephanie for a few
minutes before leaving to my next class.

Nothing else really happend in school until 7th period
when I talked with Aaron. We just talked about his
relationship with Chrissy and nothing really else but
then two idiots walked upstairs and hung out with us.
After a while we got kicked out because of a
disterbence. So we went downstiars to the lunch room
and hung out.

After this wierd day had gone by I finally rolled into
Economics. Yes, my favorite class, Economics. There
they, Angela and Chrissy, showed me a sheet of paper
with my bio on it for our project. It basically said that I
was 22 years old, already had been a CEO of a Adult
Video and Toy Company and graduated from Yale later
to become the most sucessful finanical planner in the
city. Then after that it said that I had married Angela
right out of high school and we had a six year old kid
named Aaron. Nice story if ya ask me.

So then I told Angela some info i got from Aaron and
Chrissy really didnt like it. I don't know why she got so
upset about me giving Angela a note with some info.
Its not like she doesn't do it every day back and forth
with Angela. So then I left school to goto my store.

When I got to my parents store I was immeditly
confronted and told we were off to go get our new car. A
Honda Accurd with a V-Tech engine. Oh my god this
baby runs so smooth. BUT.... After we left the
dealership the car started to make this really wierd
thumping noise and it got SOOO annoying after the first
few minutes. So we drove back to the dealership iand
the service department was cloosed so we again
departed BUT it sounded even worse so my dad got out
of the car and checked out the tire.... Guess what... It
was flat. So then we had to sit there while they put on a
new tire.

After we left my dad wanted to celebrate the fact that we
got a new car so we went to Perkins and ate. It was
nice but when we left I seriously got freaked out.


As we strolled up to our new car I looked around at
peoples license plates. Something I almost never do.
But the car sitting right NEXT to us had a freaky license
plate. It said this, "TWINC I" Do you know what that
means? T W I N K I E ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Serioiusly now out of all
the freaking license plates around this freakin country
NEXT TO US!!!!!! Tell me that this is a coincedence.
Just TRY and tell me it is. I will NOT believe you.

I know I sound crazy but my whole entire family saw this
license plate and they were all freaked out too. THIS
SOMETHING. I just have to figure out what!

So then as I was anticipating going home and talking to
either Angela or Chrissy and telling them about my
latest SIGN my dad wanted to celebrate more so we
watched a movie.

Montsers, Inc. wasn't that bad of a movie. It has its
good parts, its funny parts and even its sad parts. Its a
movie worth seeing though.

My birthday is in two days and still it seems like its gonna be
boring. The only thing I am really looking foward to are Angela's
gifts which I will recieve on Monday. I cannot wait!

So what exactly do these signs mean? I don't know, but
I will find out soon enough, or atleast try.