Book of Tears
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2001-11-03 02:59:53 (UTC)

The Black Rose

The time was here but now its not
leaving a memory tattoed on my brain.
You hurt me and I you.
But i didnt stab you in the back
I didnt pull your heart from your throat
But mended and cared for it like a child of my own

You murdered my pride
And slaughtered my diginity
You force feed me your poison
then moved on to toment
another unwilling soul

Love and Hate billow from my mouth
When i see you i want to embrace you
in an everlasting joy,
but hurt you like so many times before.

So I rebuke the love
And I rebuke the hate
And I rebuke this lust
that covers my face.

My eyes burn from opening them,
My hands tremble from letting you go

I never thought that i would see the day
The day that our love would shirvel up and die
like a withered black rose
so beutiful yet so decitful.
So open yet so close.

You pricked me with your thorns.
You made a wound that wont easliy be sealed
That is until another rose comes along to make me bleed

(Dedicated to Alisha, and the times we went through)