2001-11-03 02:56:33 (UTC)

Fall Activities

I got up early this morning, as usual, and read the
newspaper, played on the computer, emptied the dishwasher
and started the laundry. Everyone else was up late and I
made a breakfast of orange juice, omelets, and croissants.
While the boys were at the dentist, I went grocery
shopping at Safeway. It was busy there today, as it often
is on a Saturday, but there were also a great many elderly
people out and about. I realized later that it was because
of a 10% off Safeway coupon offered to seniors. While I was
in the checkout line, one elderly lady noticed that I had
two turkeys in my cart and then realized that it was buy
one, get one free. She didn't rush out of line to get any,
though. I guess it was something for everyone today. A 10%
off coupon for seniors and a buy one, get one free offer for
turkeys for those with hungry families!
John had opened the blinds of the window in front of my
quilt frame so I was able to enjoy the view of the colored
leaves as I began quilting Millenium Garden. I decided to
quilt the border in diagonals but then to do each block
individually. I sent away for some fan templates today as I
think I'll probably quilt some of Aunt Clara's tops this
way. It's fast and it's traditional so that works for me!
Gavin went to the football game tonight, the last one of the
year. It's his last one altogether as this is his senior
year. After dropping him off I came home to fix John some
pie and coffee and who should come in the door but Jessica,
looking for Gavin! I told her I'd brought Gavin to game.
I'd told Gavin when I dropped him off that I expected him
home right after the game (he always catches a ride home
with friends) as he had to be up early tomorrow morning to
take his SAT. We'll have to be out the door no later than
7:20 a.m. so I hope he remembers his promise and
comes home as he said he would. We'll see.