Pandora's Book
2001-11-03 02:45:42 (UTC)

chips and vodka

Nov 2, 2001

I only had one class today. Mrs. Graff gave a spare in
calculus. Thank goodness! I have no idea what Im doing
right now- the last thing I needed was to have more confusing
stuff added to my pile of homework. Im going to see Jen
tomorrow- she can help me. I hope!

Jen called and said that I could sleep over and we could have
a 'party'. yay :) Watch cable and eat chips- thats my kind
of party. Maybe I will bring some vodka, a nice housewarming

I dont know what to get Jen for Christmas. She always gets
me really nice expensive stuff.. and I always seem to get her
crap. Well, mom usually buys something and makes me give it
to her. So annoying!!

Wow, I dont really have many negative things to say right
now. Thats a change. Better jet while Im still feeling
optomistic about life!