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Emo Violence
2001-11-03 02:33:12 (UTC)

Choose Sleep

ya know how some of those bumper stickers for dumb people
say "choose Life" well im all about "choose sleep" i didnt
go to the hip hop show tonight, im so tired, im really
really tired, i jsut got home from stage crew, i nearly
fell asleep, its running my life, cept not.

my weekend is uncertain, we are bagging both parties
saturday, the one jarred's band is playing and also of
course karen finer's so fuck both of them, i'll find
somthin decent to do.

parents and ben are at tina's 40th party so im chillin at
home, in a little bit im gonna crash, the fact that i have
to be at school tommorw at 9 (less than 12 hours after i
left tonight) *single tear falls*

so the excite bike show is sorta fallin all around, i need
tto call jeff tonight and tell him whats goin down, and
also book the legion and call 37 slurp, grr dumb music. im
still sad about breking pangaea on friday but oh well,
maybe soemone will record it for me. *drifting off* yo i
better get goin, i cant even stay up straight.

hey cornerboy, sweet corner girl