a little piece of me
2001-11-03 02:20:03 (UTC)

heather, dearest :)

ok, i must say that i love heather to pieces (yes heather,
i'm talking about you!). she's really too damn cool. i've
been freaking out about this whole brett thing since last
night, and she's just wonderful about it. of course, i'm
still going to feel guilty for a long time, even though she
tells me not to. i just can't help it. i couldn't get
ahold of michael, so i emailed him. what a crappy way to
get dumped...via email. i felt bad about that, but well, i
needed to end things with him, and since he's never around,
i didn't see any way around it. i guess i could have
waited until i talked to him again, but there's the brett
thing. i dunno...life's complicated sometimes. thank god
there are wonderful people out there like heather to make
the bumps a little smoother. i'd be up a shit creek
without a paddle if it weren't for her. and it's not just
this, it's everything. i owe you big, heather.

one more thing before i take off. i must say, i'm an
idiot. today i had painting. so, i hop in the car,
discman and cd's in hand (i hate the music those damn girls
play on the radio in class, and they're always bitching
about someone else in there, so i absolutely must have
these things to keep from going insane in that class), and
head over to the building for class. i get there, get my
shit ready, and realize that i left the pic i was working
from here in my bookbag. i was kinda pissed. class is 2
hours long, so i figured i'd have enough time to drive back
to my house and get it. i did, and made it back at 1:30.
i felt like such an ass. the teacher said my painting is
coming along nicely, but i don't think it looks very good.
i shouldn't have picked a desert. 'sand' is a hard color
to mix and to tint and shade!! i usually do pick hard
things to do, cause i wouldn't learn much if i didn't, i
guess. i dunno. i'm almost done. i might go work on it
tomorrow. actually, i need to go finish the first one. i
probably won't actually do it, but i should. i have a phys
test monday, so sunday is devoted to studying. i have a c
in there, and i need to pull that grade up.

ok, i'm a little pooped, so i'm gonna get going. hope
everyone has a good weekend.