I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2001-11-03 01:58:30 (UTC)


Well, this weekend, I'm being paid to live at the house of a
gourmet chef and his family while they're away. Oh, and to
watch their dog, Maya. She's this huge rottweiler (sp?) who
is just a love sponge. She soaks it up. I didn't sleep well
last night, and had a long day today and just been kinda
blue. How come dogs know when you're down? Maya's head is in
my lap as I write this. Which is difficult because she wants
me to pet her instead of type. Oh gross, she just burped on
my shirt. *sigh* What are 'ya gonna do? Well, anyway, I'm
glad to be by myself this evening. I did want to go out, but
I changed my mind. I really don't want to go anywhere by
myself, and it's raining and a hurricane is coming this way,
so I guess staying in isn't such a bad idea. At least I
have Maya to keep me company. She's huge and smelly, but so
sweet and loving. Kinda like a guy. Just kidding. ;)

Well, I kinda sorta got myself into a jam last night. But
I've decided to be the responsible one. I don't want to ruin
a perfectly decent friendship over a small....favor. Lord
knows that I want to, but I think the end results would be
bad for everyone involved. You know, I'm such a goody goody
that I make myself sick. I wish I could be the rebel, and
not care what happens, but I can't. My guilt is too
powerful. *sigh*

The other Chris and I think alot a like. I know that you
haven't heard about him before (no, not by big brother
Chris) but just accept the fact that I'm talking about him.
We have the same thoughts and ideas, and think along the
same lines. He says what I'm thinking. Which is good cause I
don't usually vocalize my thoughts. That's the kind of guy I
want actually. One who knows what I'm thinking and
understands that. I sorta had someone like that......well,
he's for another time. I can't talk about that tonight. I
told Nikki about it and she gave me the proper speech that a
best friend should and she's 100% correct, however it
doesn't make it that much eaiser. Yes, I'm being vague...

I'm tired. I don't like always being the responsible one.
Yes, life is fine, I'm just blue today, that's not a crime.
And I'm lonely. I hope that I find.......someone, anyone,
doesn't really matter, as long as they're found..........


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