Midnight Rambles
2001-11-03 01:39:27 (UTC)

The Familiarity

oh the cheese factor :) bad poetry written late at night...look ma!
i'm back in highschool :)

In the mist of the shadows I search
Grasping for anything
That resembles the tenderness
With two hands
Placed directly in front
I long to find
The familiarity
Something that will reach
The very corners of my mind
And bring me back
That will awash me with a sureness
That can not be questioned
To know and feel
With absoulute certainty
That this belongs to me
I long to feel the warmth of you
Under the skin of my touch
To hold my head in the exact position
So to hear the beating of your heart
To feel your calm and gentle breath
Against the nape of my neck
As you turn towards me
To whisper the secrets
Hidden deep within your soul
I want nothing more
Than to feel the strength of your embrace
Protecting me from the darkness
That keeps me blind
And makes it nearly impossible
For me to find
The familiarity
Of you