Midnight Rambles
2001-11-03 01:37:53 (UTC)

On Being....A Harry Potter Fan

Written by Jeanette Barber
ROSIE Magazine

I love Harry Potter. I want to be Harry Potter. He goes
from being an abused little boy to being a star athlete at
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry-overnight. That
probably wouldn’t happen in real life, but it should, which
is what’s so nice about reading these books-Harry Potter
and the Philosopher’s Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber
of Secrets, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. When I see a
downtrodden little kid who gets rescued by magic, makes al
new friends and defeats the personification of evil, I
realy feel that justice is being served. I’ve read al four
of the books-twice. It’s likely I’ll have to read them all
a third time because I’m not going to be able to live
without Harry for as long as it’s going to take for the
next book to come out.
As you probably know, Harry Potter is an orphan who
was raised by mean and nasty relatives who don’t want him.
The main difference between Harry and David Copperfield or
Oliver Twist or Sarah Crewe is that Harry discovers he’s s
wizard and gets admitted to Hogwarts. So really he sort of
saves himself instead of having to be rescued by adults. I
like the self-sufficiency of that.
At Hogwarts he learns magic and makes friends and fights
mythic battles against the forces of Darkness. Just what
I’ve always wanted to do.
I actually like people more if they like Harry
Potter. I think, “if you like Harry Potter then you’re
probably not perfect and your life probably wasn’t easy.”
Perfect people with no problems are dull. I particularly
enjoy people who handle their difficulties well, like
Harry. No once does he blame his miserable Aunt and Uncle
for his troubles. Harry’s never a victim, even though he
does have the most powerfully evil wizard of all time (Lord
harboring what you might call a, “grudge,” against him. I
love that. I love the feeling I get from reading the
books. Like it may be possible for anyone to escape Number
four Privet Drive (the home of Uncle Vernon and Aunt
Potter’s publishers say we may have to wait as long
as two years for the fifth book to come out. Let me just
say at this point that I think certain people, whom I will
not name, (J.K. Rowling-the writer), are very lazy and mean
and think only of themselves. What could she possible be
doing? Eating? Shopping? Taking care of her family? These
things are simply unimportant stacked up against keeping
the entire world waiting for Harry Potter 5. Someone
should put an Imperius Curse on her to make her write 32
hours a day. Then there should be some Floo Powder at the
Publishing house to get the books into the bookstores
faster. I need more Harry Potter! When I think of what
Voldemort could be doing right now, and here I am knowing
zip about it!
Yes, I am a rabid Harry Potter fan. I would like
to do nothing for the rest of my life but sit in my
favourite chair and eat cookies while reading Harry
Potter. And, as we all know, cookies eaten while reading
Harry Potter have no calories.

~Janette Barber~