a poetic Heartº
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2001-11-03 01:37:46 (UTC)

Nothings Better

As I sit here now, i anticipate the night
thinking about the day, together we made everything right
holding you in my arms, only the two of us there
You made me understand exactly how much you cared
And as you kissed me so intense, I wondered how this could
That someone as great as you could belong here with me.
In our special little place where we become as one
So sweet and special the place that holds everything we've
When you held me that close, All my fears went away
now i sit here this night, thinking of nothing but the day
The fragrance of your skin I can still Smell on my hands
And i can still feel your kiss, as my love for you expands
It's as though your right here, but really your not
why cant you be, Your all I've got
And I can still tastes you, and I can still feel your arms around me
holding me, caressing me - you make me so free
As I sat on your lap, and I layed on your chest
I never noticed it being as hard to catch my breath
You made me feel a love that I had never felt
And saying all the right things, You made my heart melt
I can go back to that time through my memories
When we made a reality out of our fantasies
You told me plans for our future, and they sounded real sweet
Tell me when your comming over and Ill tell you where we'll meet
Said we'll make our homerun on that last base
You'd touch my hips and I'd touch your face
Today cant be compared to the love that awaits
but I love you so much alreaady, CAN I REALLY WAIT FOR THAT DAY???

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