What's up now?
2001-11-03 01:24:48 (UTC)

One of the best days in awhile!

SO yea for Weezer adding another tour date!!!! I'M
GOING :) I am sooo unbelieveably excited!!! WOOO!!!! 7
of us girls taking a road trip down to Kalamazoo December,
6th...WOO!!! I cant wait :) AND its right before finals
so it will be a fantastic MUCH needed break!!! YEAH!!!
I'm going home tomorrow...I cant wait!!! I need to see
Brian soo bad and I cant wait to see my friends! Its going
to be great, much needed best friend time :) yea!!!!
Highly enjoyable!! Oh and my mom too, Dad's out of town.
She doesnt know I'm coming, so I'm excited to surprise
her!!! Tonights agenda....definitly NOT partying...thats
for sure! So instead we're off to a OTF show, and then
back here to hang out with our new roomie Pat :) Should be
fun!!! Hopefully Erin will come over too :) yeah for our
other roomates :) Hopefully Janet moves in soon too!!!
That would be just perfect!!! hehe :) They dont really
live here, but we can pretend, right!? Anyways, yea for
today :) And cheers to Weezers additions :) Trish and
Erika, you girls should come too!!! Love ya!

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