The Useless Drag of Another Day
2001-03-18 00:37:32 (UTC)

innocence lets you dream

Billy Corgan's Birthday, 6:20 p.m.
Song of the Moment: October Swimmer by JJ72

Innocence. In a sense. at a certain point one must make the
distinction between innocence and knowledge. you trade your
innocence for the truth, you learn what is true, you become
jaded. and do you really want to be jaded? or would you
rather be naive? jaded or naive. tough choice. when you are
no longer naive you see things in a different light, you
see things for what they are. and you feel as though you
have been lied to up until this point. it hurts, its
horrible. but its better than living a lie. or is it. i
havent decided. but theres no going back to how it was. i
look at many people my age and recognize that they havent
quite crossed that line. they still see things in a simple
naive way. and their lives seem so simplified. i want that.
in a way. in a sense. innocence. innocence, beauty,
corruption. love peace empathy mischief desire and gladness
always. if you read this please please please leave a
message for me, it doesnt even need to say anything, i'm
just curious to know if anyone reads this. by the way, that includes
people i really know...