life of a lozer
2001-11-03 00:19:26 (UTC)

Starting Over

Yeah, i had a bunch of "entries" or whatever they call
em, but decided to delete em. i hadnt written fer like over
2 weeks, so i'm just like startin over. so...whats been
goin on? nuthing that great, thats for shure, but reallie
its just all the same old crap. at home, can't stand my
sister, at all. we're just way to dammed different, and she
is just sumthin else i reallie dont care to put up with.
and my rents, well, i think we all know how that goes.
hmmm, skool, well, skool sucks just as badd too. hate the
classes, teachers, and definately like 97% of the people
there can all just jump off a cliff. Friendship is a funnie
thing, and i've come to realize that like 99% of them wont
last, cuz people just suck and are backstabbing, wannabe's,
and fools. dont get me wrong thou, there are a few that
will last and sum that are worth it, but i've come to find
out even the one's u call best-friends can be major
disappointments, and sum of which i just cant stand
anymore. And boys, ha, i wont even go there. but maybe
sumday i'll find that one i think i "love". i did like this
guy at skool, but i dont think, well, its kinda obvious he
dont like me, but i guess we're friends, and its all good.
talk to him more online, but he's awesum. o well. yeah i
think i'll stop complaining fer now. its quite sad i can
just keep going, but anyhoo, i think the most fun i have is
on the bus. lol. Good Times. "HONK IF YOU WANT COOKIES!"
lol, inside joke. hmm, what else happened today? mmmm, i
guess thats it. mom's birthday tonite, so i should probly
get goin. write more later. ::defect::