2001-11-03 00:11:07 (UTC)

Random Times

Silky Skies above
With Midnight Clouds
Surround my face
Cradle my every dream
Flowing Free in Wind
Wisking through my hair
I Close my eyes
Create a new fantasy
Barefoot on the sand
Wading in the sea
Roling through the grass
Stars sparkle above
I Can Feel you loving me
And Sweeping me away


I am me
All you can ask for
More than one can dream
Hope for, wish for
Everything you want
Is all wrapped up
Inside my tender mind
And heart and soul
They bleed with strength
Love, Beauty, and Trust.
Wishing, wanting, hoping
For you to realize
All you've been missing


Broke up with Dustin today. Yup- FREEDOM! Tonight it
kelly's bday party and its gunn abe LOUD! Cait is spending
the night and me her brock and eric are goign bowling be4.
Hopefully Kev can go too- i called him but the # kim gave
me was wrong. hmm.. anyways- talking to ty= soooooooo hot!
omg- story of my life- some hot guy said hi to me today
when i was driving out of the parking lot at school and he
told me to roll down my window and i did... and he asked
what MY NAME WAS! then he told me i was nice and he winked
at me! AHHHH i was dying= but so was kelly! she was
seriously ON THE FLOOR! it was soooooo great! ANYWAYS- back
on the farm... lol- i gotta go get ready- cya laters- bye!!!

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