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2001-11-03 00:05:02 (UTC)

Things that can change your life forever

Friends are wierd. So are boys. Its just so hard for me to
get along with people. I mean, the way I figure it, there

I get along good with animals, and I can minipulate most
adults pretty damn well.
But as for people my age, INCLUDING boys *sigh*-I just cant
deal with people!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I did a stupid thing. I was in a message board,
looking around, and I saw an post where a girl was whining
about her love life, and I figured-why not?

So I posted a "BOY HELP" post (hahaha....what a loser) and
got TONS of emails! GOD DAMN people need to GET A LIFE!

Most were from horny boys who figured that I was desperate
and would take any psyco off the internet and cyber with
them or something (ha-they got what they deserved).

But one email stood out. It was from a girl my age-14, and
she said to IM her if I wanted to talk about it sometime. I
instant messaged the girl and she told me not to worry-my
time with boys would come. That everything would happen
when it was supposed to, and I would get a mature boy, a
real person, not some loser who goes after easy girls (like
sara...did i just say that? oops).

Then she told me that she was pregnant.With triplets.

Boy that really put things into perspective. I didnt feel
so unlucky to have never kissed a boy.
I think that I am okay-for now-just being single. I mean,
if I DID have a boyfriend-what would I do with him? I am an
unexperienced good-girl, and the only guy that I want right
now is DANE (who i can have :( cuz he has a g/f).


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