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2001-11-03 00:03:22 (UTC)


Well y'all I figured since Ashley and Rachel were doing
this I guess I should too:) We all know that I have a hard
time making decisions, I am such a follower:) Well today
was a good day compared to the one I had from yesturay
which I'm sure you've all heard about so I won't mention it
again. I had a fairly unproductive day. I think I've
pretty much ate and worked all day. A strange coicident
did occur though. While I was eating in the dining room
this morning I came accross a guy I recognized, we started
talking and I realized he was in ROTC, where I work. So we
ate together and chatted. Then while I'm at work, during
my 5 minute lunch break he comes in. To top it off while
I'm eating dinner in the cafeteria he is there yet again,
Weird huh? Okay so that was the only excitement of my day,
I know pathetic:)

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