Sarahs PERSONAL diary
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2001-11-03 00:02:06 (UTC)

My love 4 Marky and my shitty day

Today i feel like shit my throat hurts like hell and my
life sucks Iam 13 years old and only had 1 b/f in my life.
I WAS IN KINDERGARDEN! O.K. So I am so in love with marky
a.k.a. billys bitch! I know i have no change with him What-
so-ever but he is so so hott I can name 10 things i like
bout him ok.
1. He is majorly hott
2.love his smile :D
3.Knows how to make me laugh
4.Has emotions (unlike some boys!)
5.O.k. at bording eventhough he quit :*(
7.likes good music
9.understands me
10.knows when something is bothering me

O.K. so i can go on
and on
and on
but you ge the pic right? does he sound like a dork?
Everybody likes him i mean he is popular and hott what more
can a girl ask 4?

I think he is mad at me but i SWEAR i didnt do ne thang to
him Kay d was being a total bitch to him and she is my
friend and so is he i know they wanted me to say something
yo the other but i didnt want to get in the middle of it.
Depp i mean deep i can see where she came from i mean he is
sosososo cute when he is mad but she was being a TOTAL
BITCH. i want ed to fucking stand up and say waht the fuck
is your problem kays? i mean where do you come from you may
think u r funny but that is down right rude!!!! but i know
whet that would go into right now iam listening to blink
182 the adams song

~~i never thought id die alone i laughed the loudest whodve
know i traced the cord back to the wall no wounder it was
never pluged in at all~~