Joshin Jane

2001-11-02 23:03:54 (UTC)

"I hate the winters in Lexington"

[6:30 pm thursday]
masha goes to bed.

[8:00 pm thursday]
mother wakes masha up to see if masha wants to go to
haskell for consul w/bernie.
masha doesn't remember if she can tell the difference
between haskell and kinnan.
decides to go back to bed.

[6:00 am friday]
masha tries to get up to take a shower.
feels ill and tired.
has had a strange dream about a midget fairy stalking her and leaving
her strings of clay beads.
returns to bed.

[7:00 am friday]
masha forces herself to get out of bed.

[8:00 am to 3:15 pm friday]
masha stresses about the following: two in-classes, a quiz,
handing in a take-home test, an oral, and a rewrite.

my thoughts are hiding at the moment.
somehow, i've been going to sleep at 8:30 pm, 9:30 pm, 6:30
pm....yet i always wake up tired and stressed and the only
things that can calm me down and relax me and make me happy
are the ones i don't have time for.
i'm bringing tom to homecoming next weekend, though, which
is very exciting.
holly and i are going shopping this weekend for dresses.
i'd love to bring alex but i'll be seeing him at the end of
the month and he has this HUGE wushu thing that weekend
it's been so long since i saw tom.
why? he asked when i invited him.
i told him he was more fun than the guys here.
by fun do you mean sex?
i started to explain the lack of CTYishness around campus
but just went along.
yeah, it's the sex, tom.
i can't imagine having sex with tom ::places wrist on
forehand and wiggles fingers:: but then again, i thought
that mike's personality made him attractive....
the more i get to know the guys in dick, the more mean they
are; ironically, they constantly rag on kennedy being the shit house
when kennedy boys are the nicest, most polite ever.

sidenote - a conversation with JM:
JM - do you want to buy a duck?
ME - a what?
JM - a duck.
ME - does it quack?
JM - well, i don't know, but we're racing them to raise money for
school camp.....

in the spirit of forthcoming reunions, some dashboard confessionals...
[so long sweet summer/I stumbled upon you and gratefully basked in
your rays/so long sweet slumber/I fell into you now your gracefully
falling away (age six racer)]

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