The Musings of a Lost Kitten
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2001-03-17 23:41:24 (UTC)

Creativity strikes us at random..

Creativity strikes us at random moments, and perhaps, this
will be one of them. An online journal, I suppose, if you
can call a computer program adequate substance for living.
One would think I should now detail my life history,
emotions, beliefs and dreams. Doubtful, and unlikely. Any
notions of my past that are important, will be brought up
again at a later date. If they were simple enough to be
listed, each would not have an affect on me as it has. I am
who I am, and those who know me need not a listing of my
thoughts of myself. Besides, I do doubt that even with my
life explained, anyone, even myself, might truly know who I
am. That said, welcome to my journal, as I welcome myself.

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