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2001-11-02 22:33:36 (UTC)


knotts scarry farm is today...i'm kinda excited but i think
that's it's mostly because i get to see my boyfriend again

halloween was crazy...some weird things happend that night.
i don't know what to say and what to keep to myself. i
addmit that i liked some of the stuff that went on but i
need to know how he feels about those things that we did...
what's on his mind is all i want to know. i want to know if
he thinks that things should move slower between the two of
us, because if he needs them to i would do that for him. i
would slow down. i would try to make him comfortable with
the relationship.

i've had a lot of first time experiances with him and i
guess you can just say that i've been a bit curious about
things lately. but we're still in the begining of our
relationship and we should both feel comfortable about
things. it's fun just to cuddle and to hold eachother, and
i don't want to miss out on that.

i wish that i knew already what he was thinking and how he
felt. it would make things a whole lot easier for me. i
also wish that he can give me his own opinion about things
with out worrying that he might hurt me in some way.

today was a very frustraiting friend lied to me
about not being able to go to knotts but i guess it's okay
because i guess i deserved it. but the good thing is that
she can go. i hope that it's a lot of fun and i hope that
by the end of the night my boyfriend isn't mad at me for
taking him there. i still feel like i'm forcing him.