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2001-11-02 22:25:36 (UTC)

*november 2 - smoochiez*

besides the whol danny thing, today wasnt so bad.
anthony came in late tho, so i couldnt be with him in the
morning. but he totally made up for it, i got a kiss like
every class i left for. and he had his arm around me at
recess which was beyond sweet.

there wasnt an art teacher so anthony had gym w/ meh today,
and the gym teacher yelled at us and jel and dennis for
holding hands. lol it was hilarious. but i got in more
trouble right before homeroom this afternoon..anthony was
leaning against the lockers and i gave him a kiss bubye
(cuz we in different hr) and i kinda made it more than just
a kiss and one of the teachers came by and threatened to
gimme suspension. wow.

*third eye blind-semicharmed kind of life*