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2001-11-02 22:12:57 (UTC)

*november 2 - dan the dork*

i haate him i haate him i haate him i haate him i haate him.
that jerk is telling everyone that i gave him a handjob.
like i would! thats so gross plus im going out with
anthony, plus i haate his guts. and would never..especially
to him! and i haate that i even ever hung out w/ him.
and yet he keeps on spreading those effing rumors and i
hate him. i wish he would just die sometimes and leave me
the hell alone. yeh i know how bad that sounds, but what he
said is a million, bazillion times worse.
and today was the worse, because sure, if he told a few
frens from the high school...big deal right? they dunno me.
but then he told tracey and god knows who else. dammit..

*song: blink 182, voyer*