Reality Check
2001-11-02 22:12:02 (UTC)

I have something to tell you

Okay, i'm officially crazy. i'm talking to my diary. but,
anyways, i have something to tell you. i told pansy today,
and it thought it was kinda bad that i told my best friend
before i even wrote it in my diary. i'm bisexual. well, i
think i am at leat. no, i know i am. i've never actually
been out with a girl or anything, but i have looked at girls
like sayin she's pretty and i've pictured going out with
certain girls and kissing them....i don't know.
yeah...me....the boy crazy ho who's never been known to not
have a boyfriend is bisexual. but, i dont' know! i know i
am...it's just strange to actually tell somebody...ya know?
i don't know. anyways, i just thought i'd get that out.