Squeeb's world
2001-11-02 22:11:42 (UTC)

Right at home

I finally went to a Petes' game last night. I can't tell you
how good that felt. I know it sounds corny but we're talking
about someone who had season's tickets for four years
straight and never went more than like 3 weeks without
seeing them when she didn't have seasons. So I was suffering
a wee tad of withdrawal. I love the rink. It's weird I know
but I love the people (ok with the exception of the puck
bunnies), I love the smells, the sounds and mostly, I love
my boys. So I felt right at home again. They did however
change some things. Like they increased program prices by 50
cents and they've gone all out in the promotions area. Like
now they have this inflatable "PETE" on an archway which the
guys skate through at the beginning of the game. LOL,
however he deflated last night and they were rushing to get
him off the ice before the guys came out. They also had a
laser light show and a blimpy thing. It was so funny cuz Kim
kept saying "They do realize this is only an OHL tean,
right?" Good point. That and the music was super loud and
at times, annoying. Like who really listens to the Hokey
Pokey at a hockey game? But the did play N'SYNC so bonus!
Ok, so onto the game... the warm-up I love. I always
have. Just watching the guys skate around and practice. One
guy was trying to egg on the St Mikes' players. It was kinda
amusing. Then the actual game. We score first and it was all
good. Matt H got into a fight. There were several of those
throughout the game. Kurtis threw a guy into the side of the
net and caused him to bleed. That boy was being a tad bit
violent. Around the end of the second period my boys
started playing sloppy and left the period tied 1-1. Then in
the first four minutes of the 3rd, Toronto scored twice to
go up 3-1. I was all like "GUYS!!!" Kurtis totally left his
goalie open on one of the goals- NOT good! But then Greg
Chambers who ROCKS scored a goal for the Petes.
Unfortunately he then took a dumb penalty and cost the Petes
a goal. Ok, this part makes me angry. They were doing the
contest for Fanatics Zone and I was watching that and all of
the sudden everyone's cheering and low and behold, Kurtis
scored. I missed it! Kim said it was a beaut of a goal too-
right from the hash marks. Dang me and my short attention
span! So it's 4-3. Woohoo! We're catching up! Then with 6:08
left in the third, Brad Self scores to tie it! Yay! However
I was unimpressed by the fact that while celebrating the
goal everyone else skates back and taps the goalie but no,
not Mr. High and Mighty #18. Kiss my butt buddy. Get your
ass back there and congratulate Currie! He's the reason you
guys are still in this game! Sure you scored the goal but
get your butt back there! So then there was another fight-
oops that was awhile ago but still and our player got 17
minutes of penalties. Silly rookie! So he sat there for most
of the third and most of OT. Good overtime too! So exciting!
It ended in a tie, but hey! that's better than a loss,
right? So glad to be back at the rink! Yay yay yay!

Current mood: giddy
Current music: "That's When I'll Stop Lovin You"- N'SYNC

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