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2001-11-02 21:48:07 (UTC)


well well well steve is the only guy who is above stephen
and see stephen doesnt really matter cuz i know i will
never ever get to see or talk to him again yea it breaks my
heart today but this is the thing w steve today

i was dancing in the hall and he started mocking me (we
were walking twards eachother)
Steve: did you get that thing to stephen
Cori: No i will never see him again they wont let me
Steve: dude that fuckin sucks
Cori:yea you dont gotta tell me i was crying and everything
Steve: dude thats not right you 2 were really close too
Cori: yea i know
Steve: Its okay i love you i really love you!
Cori:do you?
Steve: yea i do
*hug happens here*
Cori: thanks for bein here for me
Steve: no problem i gotta go to class
Cori: oka ill see you later steve bye
Steve: (not able to finish the convo) i need a god damn
ride home!! oka i gotta go*laughing* bye cori
Cori:bye steve

i really like him he is so sexy he wears like 90neckalaces
and braclets and rings combined to school everyday i love
his pants i like could wear them we are both really skinny
lol well i gotta go 4 now maybe rick will let me on the
comp at moms tomm i hope so i might go to rys house to
watch clerks and mallrats lol and i have the practice act
test tomm (plan test) well i gotta go dad wants to call mom
i think im gonna try to call steve this weekend :)