hello kitty cat
2001-11-02 21:34:15 (UTC)

(no subject)

So I'm in World History..and I'm done all my assignments so
I thought I'd write. I am having a pretty OK day..this
morning I was pissed cause I woke up only to find my little
brother standing outside my room waiting for me to wake up
so he could get in the shower before I could even get piss me off..he continued to yell at me...and stayed
in the shower for almost a half an hr. I was really late. I
ended up forgetting my purse and all this other shit. Then
Lee gave me a hug and I smelled like smoke the rest of the
day. He asked for advice on Lindsey Bond..he likes
her..surprise surprise...I don't understand him..I talked
to Mariko last night, she seems to be doing well...she's
worried about Chelsea but aren't we all. I don't know
Mariko is a strange one...but yes...I tried to call Jason
but he wasn't done trying out for that band I guess. Katy's
been really weird lately. I really hate it when people
constantly complain about how things need to be ..ok here is an example...say Candice is
being ick and we all decide to talk to her..bu tthen in the
end no one ever says anything and the people complaining
most pretend that nothing was ever said. I hate that. It
REALLY bothers me. Today we're all going to go out..I
think..I don't know...I know for sure on Sunday we are all
going to go on a picnic on Jame's land ...Josh and I are
going to bring our guitars. It's gonna be cool. I guess
Joselin isn't chilling with us tonight..she's going on some
blind date that Holly Hawk set up for her. Holly is a
really sweet girl. I don't know..I don't know about the
whole Joselin thing at all...her and Sam...yea...well I
don't want to get into it..I just hope he doesn't get hurt
again....I guess Alex isn't at school again..I hope she's
not sick. That would suck..I guess it's her liek flu thingo
she always gets that she's over in a few days. I always
have these little moments in the day where I think of all
the things I need to write about but I can never think of
them when I ACTUALLY have the time to type them all
up...that figures...So today there was a fire in the
school..yeah I just thought I'd throw that in there cause I
have nothing else to write about. My Dad comes home
today..maybe him and Sara will chill tonight and I actually
will be able to have the car..I doubt it though. Yeah well
what else is new...I guess I'll go..the bell is going to
ring in like10 mins anyway...