Morbid Angel

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2001-11-02 20:48:29 (UTC)

Vioxx RULES!

Vioxx is my anti-inflammatory/pain killer for my knee. I
took two this morning at work, and I was stoned all
morning, it ruled. And I am still at work, but it's
friday, YEAH! Only one hour and 14 minutes to go! Woo
hoo! *cartwheel* *dislocates knee cap* damnit =/

ya, so I gotta get a 5th knee surgery over the holidays,
shitty! But it's the only time I can, so I guess it will
have to do. Lord knows what they are gunna do this time,
hopefully FIX it this time. Jesus Criminy. Tonight Chris
and I are gunna go out to Carrabba's (mMMmMmM) with Tammy
and Paul, tasty. Have drinks, YEAH! Ok, I guess I gotta
go write an auto policy or something. bye now

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