The Red Book
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2001-11-02 20:13:51 (UTC)

You can kiss me in the moonlight, on the rooftop...


Okay, okay, let me start at the beginning...

After school, my classmates and I popped by the cafe for a
little snack. Charlie was busy behind the counter washing
the dishes so I didn't greet him. However, five minutes
later, we had three servings of my favourite drink (made
exactly how I loved it) plonked right in front of us and
when I glanced up, he was grinning. I smiled back a thank
you and thought it was pretty nice of him to give us free
drinks (and it wasn't the first time).

We shared a slice of cheese cake and a slice of the
greatest chocolate cake we ever tasted, and while we ate,
Nic and Satz reported that the entire world behind the
counter was staring at me and Charlie's colleague (the one
who stole my number) was suddenly walking up and down our
aisle too often. I am a little dense so I really didn't

Then Charlie called me on my mobile and asked me to
accompany him for a spell as he was going for his break.
Nic and Satz were practically shoving me out the door and
no one could hardly turn down such an offer from a good-
looking guy like Charlie ;o) So I went with him and his
strawberry smoothie, and his unlit cigarette tucked behind
his ear.

We talked, we told silly corny jokes, we laughed and shared
his smoothie. After much wheedling, I managed to persuade
him to keep his cigarette behind his ear. He solemnly
promised to quit by next week and I couldn't help smiling
at the way he said it, it was very boyish. Of course, he
was dripping with charm, as he always have, even back in jc.

Okay, here's the exciting bit:

I asked him if the cafe was hiring people and he shrugged
before he started telling me how nice his manager was and
pointing out the fella. So I leaned over to get a better look
and he pulled me closer and for some reason, I felt like
swooning like an infatuated schoolgirl. He smelled really good,
like of freshly washed clothes, just like he did in jc. I
used to steal whiffs of his scent whenever I happen to walk
behind him.

I turned back to face him and the next thing I knew, his lips
were on mine and my mind went totally blank. It was the sweetest
kiss I ever tasted and I suddenly realised why my girlfriends
raved about him in jc.

He had the softest, gentlest lips...


It lasted for a mere moment, and afterwards, I felt like burying
my face in his sticky-outy chest and not deal with the matter
entirely! We stared back at each other instead and softly with
a smile, he said he wasn't sorry for doing that. I didn't know
what to say to that so I said nothing. I kept thinking of all
the times when we used to flirt in school and how it drove my
girlfriends crazy because they were so infatuated with him. We
were acquaintances back then, but it was lovely to bump into him
each time in school.

It was a surreal moment.

But damn it was good.

And I forgot to ask him about his shirt again.