If I told you I'd have to kill you
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2001-11-02 19:52:13 (UTC)

Marilyn Ross

This is my first entry and a meaningful one as well.
Marilyn Ross is a girl @ my school, let me add I dislike
her more than infinity and beyond. She almost bit my head
off for loseing her white out, it's liquid paper for
goodness sake! I set right by her pencil case. She
said "why didn't you put it back where you found it?" I
REALLY hate people going through my stuff with out asking
so I didn't go into her stuff. She kept acting like she was
a teacher saying "well, what are we going to do about this?"
I am convinced that she is racist. She is doing
her "speach" on how mexican and black people come in to
Canada and ruin our lives with crimes like on COPS(the
show). That is in the USA, and black and mexican people
have all the right to live in a free and beautiful country
as well as us. She says it's mostly them causing trouble
but It's just as much whites.
She sounds so innocent but she really is brainwashing
you into piting her.
I will keep updating this as long as she keeps doing
Update #1, Nov 13 2001
Yes I do agree she is very opinionated in that paritcular area,
but she should realize that they are humans and are not perfect.
everyone makes a mistake in their life most of us millions, or more.
There are a lot of people in the world and every day some one does
some thing bad or wrong there is no way to make them perfect.
She is also a nazi!!!!!!! really though! we watched a war amps
movie for remberance day about war with the class. It showed lots of
footage of the war and told the story of the invasion of Russia by
nazi Germany. she, literally, asked me which side I was "rooting"
for!!!! I said "the good guys". She asked me and my BFFAE Court,
after the movie was done talking about the war, and after we both
said Russia I heard her say I'm not telling my opinion so wouldn't be
saying yours, but court didn't.
Update #2 nov 14 Twenty-O-One
My bestest best friend Court has to get her cat put down today.
Marilyn kept telling her to talk about it when she was trying to
recover during class from crying. Court didn't want to embarass
herself and start crying again, which happend only when she talked
about it before. Does she have no common sense????? If It makes her
feel better not to talk about it than why is she making her think
more about her poor kitty.
Going back now to THE stupidest topic in the world, me losing
her white-out. Court borrowed her pencil yesterday and set it on her
desk. She didn't pick it up or something and then in social studies
she flipped out over it! IT IS JUST A PENCIL YOU CAN BUY 10 FOR A
DOLLAR SOMETHING!!!!!!!! I even gave her my only pencil and she
wouldn't take it! If you are going to get all worked up about wanting
a pencil why in the world did she not take one??
She also thinks that cats don't have souls and don't go to
heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Do you think that's
what Courtney wants to hear??????? She doesn't think that trees do
either! I don't see why God would create living things and not
preserve that beauty in heaven.

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