Blood and Chocolate
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2001-11-02 19:06:54 (UTC)

Random as hell IF hell can be random

hey everyone
Sup ? Not much here ! Today was a great day because 1) It
was a half day 2) I found out this guyfriend I have really
doesn't smoke 3) My brother has a soccer game tonight and
4) cause I think Morgan is coming over! I think my friend
purple is mad at me ! Cause everytime I talk to her she
picks a fight with me and she always tells me I am trying
to be like our friend green, when I am not ! Yea sometimes
I go grunge at school but that doesn't mean I am trying to
be like green. and she tells me how green talks
about me and some other stuff like that ! Well I am sorry
green if you are reading this but I am not copying you and
I don't think bracelet happy is punk and I am not trying to
be like you I just happen to like dressing different
sometimes. and I can dress how I want I don't need people
talking about me behind my back about that .and I am not
trying to "steal" your style , not at all !!!! I don't mean
to accuse you of anything cause I don't know if what Purple
said is true, but I wouldn't know why she would lie about
something that stupid but whatever! I am really not mad at
you green or purple I am just anoyed that everyone thinks
whenever I do something different that I am copying green I
know that it isn't really your guys fault but yea . That
feels better . What else happend . . ? I realized how long it
has been since I have been kissed.Sorry that was random as hell
if Hell can be random. hmmm what else ??? oh I failed two
quizes in Geometery !!!!!! yikes! not good! but I still
have a B in science and a B- in english and a B in
Geometery! yay! ummm lets see what else , Dark Angel is
going to be on tonight !! Its going to be a good one
tonight so everyone should watch it !!!! 8/9central its an
hour long and its on FOX !!!!!! :)! Its such a good
show!!!!!!! hehe ! ummm lets see what else ?! Hui is
getting grief about going out with this Brie girl but thats
cause no one really thinks he likes her, they all just
think he is going out with her cause he can't be alone. I
don't know ! I really personally don't care !!!!! Its not
my business so I am staying out of all of it ! ummm lets
see oh I have quotes I will write them later tonight! Well
I gotta bounce !