What's on my mind
2001-11-02 19:03:40 (UTC)

Bush, Kennedy Said To Have Forged Sincere Relationship

If Bush can have a political frendship with a Kennedy
than Bush is truly a great President and a man of his
word. If a Republican Dynasty can work out a common ground
with a Democrat Dynasty then a miracle has happened.
Staunch Republicans and Staunch Democrats do not get
along. It has been a known fact for, well for ever. When
Bush was talking about uniting the two parties in a way
that has never been done everyone even myself did not
belived him. Every who has tried has failed. Well it
looks like Bush is keeping his word and to have a Kennedy
working with him is something that I never though could
possibly happen. Don't take my word for it, read the

BUSINESS WEEK reports the "kinship between these two
pedigreed sons of American political dynasties," President
George W. Bush and Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, "is sincere.
Despite their substantial policy disagreements, the
neophyte President and veteran senator have developed an
easy rapport that has furthered each man's agenda."

That has "made Kennedy -- who seemed politically isolated
after the GOP took the White House and Congress last
November -- more influential than he has been in decades."

When Kennedy "cut a bipartisan deal on education reform,
Bush's top domestic priority, angry Democrats said he had
given up too much in return for establishing his bona fides
with the President."

Now, as the "war on terrorism pushes domestic issues to the
back burner, the Bush-Kennedy team is still going strong,
turning its attention to bioterrorism, immigration, and the
economy." Kennedy said, "Working with Bush isn't
sacrificing principle, it's trying to find common ground."