The Life of Me
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2001-11-02 17:28:47 (UTC)


Halloween was two days ago. We only got about 24 kids at
our door so we have a lot of candy left. Not that I’m
complaining or anything. I know exactly how many kids we
got because there were 12 chocolate bars in a package and
we went through 2 packages, so last time I checked 12 X 2
made 24. If I don’t know how to multiply at my age then
accounting is obviously not for me. Speaking of accounting
I got my student card in the mail yesterday. I guess that
means it’s official, I’m an accounting student. I told my
grandma that I had enrolled in an accounting course. She
was very happy for me as always. My grandma’s pretty cool
ever since I got my driver’s licence she gets me to take
her to the bank, and grocery shopping. In return, she
usually buys me lunch, and I get to use the car for going
to my football games and other things. The only place I
can’t go with the car is to see my ex. To make a long
story short, grandma hated my ex. She thought that I could
do better. When my ex and I were going out she used to
tell me that someone else was using the car or it was in
getting fixed. I guess with all of may grandma’s years of
wisdom, she knew that a relationship with my ex would lead
to nothing but heartache, and by not letting me use the
car, she was protecting me from that heartache. That’s why
I was afraid to introduce my new girlfriend to grandma when
she came here to visit a couple of weeks ago. After
breaking up with my ex, grandma said to me “you’ll find
someone better soon enough, and when you do, please make
sure she actually lives in the city this time”. Well
geography was never a strenght of mine in school.